Married Life

Married life! Where shall I start! Well I’ve explained before how Chris proposed to me on Christmas Day wearing nothing but his birthday suit. Chris and I have known each other since I was 15, he was a first ‘proper’ boyfriend! He had a job, a car and was something so exciting for a 15 year old. Well for 6 months anyway! We reconnected a few times before then both being in two long relationships (I say long, they were 18 months, that’s long though right?). But it was my 20th birthday that we met again, I’m not sure what he actually saw in me, because I was a fake tanned, bleach blonde wearing well, not very much! You will see in the pictures. Anyway we got back together, went on holiday, bought a house and got engaged.

Then the fun really began, I went into full on planning mode. I knew what I wanted and knew exactly how to do it. With Chris being a tree surgeon I wanted the wedding to reflect a woodland & rustic vibe. Chris cut rings of wood for our centre pieces and I hand decorated jars for flowers and candles! I had a lace ‘Mori Lee’ dress and Chris had a navy suit with tweed waistcoat. The day went perfectly, we had the ceremony at the village church where I was brought up, then we headed to cattle country which as well as having an amazing event barn it has a play barn with slides and ball pits where we also had a play in!

The day was amazing, a week later we jetted to Mauritius, which was just heaven on earth, blue skies and sea and tropical trees, blissful!

We didn’t have much time to be a married couple, we were married in the October and pregnant by January. It was totally planned, but we didn’t quite expect to fall pregnant so quickly.

We have our ups and downs for sure, sometimes I want to strangle him, and I’m sure he feels the same with me, I’m not easy to live with at all, I have major OCD tendencies and his messiness doesn’t help.

Not only do we have the stresses of married Life and a new baby, we also have the added stress of running a company, Chris works 24/7 and is always tired, and work never ends, even when we have time at home the phones always ringing, he has emails to sort and quotes to send, it is never ending. But I wouldn’t change it, yes it can be hard and yes sometimes it feels like we are running into a brick wall, but that’s life isn’t it!?

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