We all need a break!!

So, I have been having serious mum guilt recently! And I think it’s pretty unfair that I’ve been made to feel this way!

So I am lucky enough to not have to go back to work! With Chris having his own business I’m able to just help him out with paper work and just share the load! Plus keep on top of the house! Now, I have worked within a nursery for years and I’ve seen how children of different ages respond to being left at a nursery! And in my experience it is better for the child to be taken to nursery at a younger age than it is older! Penny is starting nursery tomorrow, and I’ve had all the question like “oh when do you go back to work” “why is she going to nursery, you don’t work” “are you just staying at home then”…. 1. Why do I need to explain myself and 2. It is non of your business if one day I want to sit and watch crap tv and drink hot coffee!!

Penny is such a busy baby already and both me and Chris said that it is going to benefit her so much by going to nursery, so get that social interaction with other adults and children!

Also it is totally normal to want/need time away from your child too! My god I need some space! Penny’s at the age where she’s clingy and constantly follows me around! I can’t even remember what it’s like to pee in peace or eat a whole piece of toast to myself! I love her very much but I need a break! And I think everyone does, but not everyone is happy to admit it! People think they have to be this wonderful parent 24/7 and be happy all the time… when really all the want to do it crack open the gin and scream “IM A MUM GET ME OUT OF HERE”… everyone needs some time to themselves!

It’s okay to have time away from your children, it doesn’t mean you love them any less! Whether you are leaving them to work or whether like me your leaving them to simply get a break! (I will be working from home too, although my lunch break might coincide with the real housewives) it’s perfectly normal!!

I am going to feel slightly lost without her here, but I know she’s going to be having the best time ever!!

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