Feeling Judged!

So as a new mum, I found it all very daunting when I found out I was pregnant when it came to ‘feeding’. In my head I knew I wanted to bottle feed Penny, not because I have anything against breast feeding, but I just didn’t have the urge to even try it.

However midwives these days, just seem to assume that everyone is going to at least try breast feeding. But that’s not the case. There are so many women out there that either can’t breast feed or just don’t want to like me. I’m not saying that I wont EVER try it, but this time it just wasn’t in my plan.

Recently I have been seeing so many mums promoting breast feeding which is great. But I think sometimes us bottle feeding mums almost feel like we haven’t done the best for our baby. They say that ‘Breast is best’ but surely it should be ‘fed is best’. It’s great that mums are promoting breast feeding but when they go on about how they have felt like they’ve had bad situations where people have been judging them and made them feel uncomfortable just for feeding their babies (which is awful). But as a full bottle feeding mum, I feel like we get judged just as much, just because the milk is coming from a tub and a bottle doesn’t mean that we aren’t providing our baby with the best possible!

Bottle feeding mums often get asked “how come you didn’t breast feed?”… What are we supposed to say to that? My response was “Because I don’t want to”… that’s pretty simple to understand isn’t it!? I didn’t want to, I personally wanted the freedom to be able to go out and leave my baby with my husband, and know that if she needed feeding, he could do it himself. I wanted to know that if I was really tired one night, that my husband could take over and wake up for Penelope! And to be honest, I am a bit of a Gin o’holic! So the first thing I thought of when Penelope popped out was “someone pass me the Gin”. Why would you ask a mum!? I wouldn’t ever dream of asking someone “Why did you decide to breast feed?”… It’s up to the individual and what they think will work best for them!

I think that we should be promoting all kinds of feeding, I find it so silly that any mum gets judged at all, we should all be sticking together and helping each other, not putting each other down.

I don’t think any mum should feel like they can’t feed their baby in public, no matter which method they choose. As long as your baby is being fed, and they are happy & content that’s all that matters!

Unfortunately haters are gonna hate!

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2 thoughts on “Feeling Judged!

  1. YES. THANK YOU! I too formula feed my baby. I didn’t have any interest in breast feeding, although I do think it is a beautiful thing mothers can do for their child. I knew this even way before I was pregnant though. And once my daughter popped out my first words were “I need a beer” haha, although like you, I love gin too. She had my body for 9 whole months, literally into a 10th month… I wanted my body back for me. She inhabited it for so long I needed it back. Formula is just fine for a baby! I grew up on it and I turned out just fine (I think lol). Like you said fed is best!


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