My new adventure!!!

So, whilst being on maternity leave I am actually missing working! I know, what the hell! I thought I would be loving all of this time off, to stay at home, get jobs done, go shopping! But nahh, I am definitely a workaholic!

So luckily my lovely husband is a tree surgeon, and seeing as I LOVED planning my own wedding and creating a welcoming rustic feel, I have decided to take the leap into the wedding world!

My company name is ‘The Rustic Wedding Company’ and I will be supplying solid rings of wood for people to hire to use as centre pieces or for anything they wish to use them for. Also supplying larger rings of wood to display cakes upon and I will be hand decorating glass jars to display the flowers upon the tables and tealight candles!

I am beyond excited to start this new adventure, and I can’t wait to work with future brides & grooms to make their day as perfect as mine was!

All of the products will be available for hire only, and there will be a basic glass jar design, however if customers want a specific colour incorporated in them, then that will be available upon request!

I really enjoyed planning my own wedding and I spent so much time making the jars (along with my lovely mum, thanks mum) I just wanted it to all look perfect when people walked into the venue! I used recycled pasta sauce jars for my wedding, but for the company I have invested in various sized jars that will be the perfect size for flowers, also smaller ones for tealights! At my wedding I had lots of wild flowers on the tables and our bouquets were bunches of wild flowers! I also had lots of lavender which smelt amazing, and I used the ‘Yankee Candle’ Lavender tealights! I’m surprised people weren’t falling asleep during the reception!

I think you honestly can’t beat a handmade wedding. All of our guests commented on how lovely the tables were, and that it was a very personal wedding. Which it was, almost everything on the tables were handmade, the centre pieces were rings of wood that Chris my husband had chopped up and our cake was displayed on a huge ring of wood!

I would love your support during this journey! And I will try to keep my blog updated as and when things happen!!

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