Travelling with a 6 month old

So, its been a week since we arrived home from our first ever family holiday to Lanzarote! And wow, what a week… Penelope has been totally out of sync and I have been wishing I was led back in that sun!!

I thought I would write up a little bit about travelling with a baby! It was our first time, and I can honestly say, it wasn’t that bad, no really.. it wasn’t! We were lucky and my parents were with us, but they did just leave us to it, and I think we managed pretty well!

First things first: Be prepared! Get everything you need or think you need into piles, weeks before you even leave for your holiday. Make lists of things, then you can tick them off once they are in the piles. I was so glad I did this, as there was SO much more to pack just for a tiny little person! Then, go back through the list when you put everything into the suitcases! I am a total list freak so this was just second nature to me! At one point I had lists about lists!!!

Next thing is that I would definitely recommend investing in a rucksack changing bag! This was a total game changer for me! I bought the skiphop suite one from mothercare and OH MY GOD, it was amazing, so much more room to pack everything, and this particular one came with extra little bags to put spare clothes into! I will insert a picture below!! I usually use a Cath Kidston one, however there is no way I would of fitted everything into that one! Again, pile everything you are putting into your changing back into separate piles, this makes it so much easier to see if you have everything!

Penny is bottle fed, so this was an extra thing we needed to pack! We flew with easyjet and their allowances on baby milk was 1L, this worked out at 5 ready made aptamil bottles at 200ml each! I took 4 just incase (I only used 1 – How annoying, as they aren’t light). They also allowed you to take on sterilised water, as long as it was in a visible baby bottle. Although going through security I saw a woman with a bottle of bottled water, and she pointing to her child, so baby that is allowed too!

You are also able to take on baby food, as long as each pack doesn’t go over 100ml! I just packed from ready made food that was 100g! And then obviously dried snacks are always fine! In our case we HAVE TO each pringles on the plane, its like tradition! And chocolate fingers AND mini cheddars!!

Going through security was a total ball ache!! One person folding the pushchair, the other wrestling a baby who is tired. And then having to totally empty your belongings!! Luckily I forward planned and make sure everything was in see through bags before hand, so I could just whip them out at the security area! All of the ready made milk in one, the food in another, nappy cream and suncream in another one, and then finally some calpol in another!

Does anybody else have a sigh of relief when they walk through security? Even though you know you definitely don’t have anything dangerous on you! It’s like “phew they know I am a normal person”.

We checked in two suitcases, and a travel cot! We then used the pushchair right up until getting onto the plane! After seeing somebodies holiday instagram stories, they had their pram totally wrecked!! So I looked on amazon and bought a pram bag! It’s a bright red bag that totally protects your buggy/pushchair. We used our new Easywalker MINI pushchair, which was AMAZING!! So sturdy and well built and it was perfect for Penelope to have a snooze in! My usual pushchair is the ‘Mamas and Papas Ocarro’ which is equally as amazing, however I didn’t want to for holiday as it’s quite big and bulky!

Getting onto the plane was a friggen pain in the arse! We had to get on the bus to reach the plane, then I was stood outside in the freezing cold, holding Penny, waiting for bloody old people to get into their seats!! What is it about old people and planes! They just don’t take any notice of the people waiting for go past them, or the people waiting on the steps outside! They just take their time, putting their bags above them, getting their books out and making sure they are all settled! Even though we wont actually take off for another 30 minutes!! It could just be me, but my god they annoyed me!

Penelope was an absolute dream on the flight! It was 4 hours long, well meant to be! IT was only 3 and a half hours on the way there! One good thing was that she fell asleep just before take off, so she was sucking her dummy which helped her ears to keep popping! I would definitely recommend either trying to feed them or if they have a dummy giving them that during take off and landing. There is nothing worse than a crying baby because their ears are hurting!

I was so nervous with flying for the first time with a baby, mainly because I know what a pain it is to be on a flight and having to listen to a crying baby. And I didn’t want to be that mum who had the screaming baby! Luckily though, Penny was very good!!

I made sure I had lots of toys for her to keep her entertained when she was awake! She also loves watching TV, so I took my IPad with a few kiddy programs on there! But we ended up watching ‘The Mummy Diaries’ on my mums IPad!

My biggest advice for travelling with a small child, is to just stay calm and relaxed. Penny definitely feeds off of my feelings, and she plays up more when I am stressed out! So basically I need to practice what I preach!

Do you have any other tips for travelling with small children!?

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