Penelope reaches 6 months!!

Oh my god, where has my little baby gone!? Penelope turned 6 months old on the 18th March, the day after we arrived in sunny Lanzarote!! I just thought I would do a little update on how she’s getting on, likes\dislikes and anything that I have found useful during these 6 months!!

Firstly, Penny is such a happy little lady, she’s very rarely tearful (unless I’m trying to get stuff done and she’s refused a nap). She’s getting much better at sleeping, and usually has 2 naps during the day, maybe three depending on what time she wakes up. They vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours!! She’s currently enjoying solid foods a lot more than just her bottles. She’s been weaning since she was 4 months, and is now having 2 meals a day, sometimes 3! She will always have breakfast, then at lunch she has a hot dinner, some fruit then a little finger food snack, she loves the Ella’s kitchen carrot puffs. Some days she will also have a hot dinner at about 4.30 too! We still haven’t cracked sleeping all night, although on holiday she slept all night for the first 4 nights, and then decided she would rather wake us up for a bottle, but only once so I can’t complain that much.

Penny loves rolling around on the floor, she’s currently learning to roll back once she’s rolled to her tummy, and also we are mastering the art of sitting up, but she’s just so nosey, she looks around too much and doesn’t concentrate on finding her balance. Penny loves anything that rattles, rustles, bangs or squeaks, and also unfortunately she likes the musical, brightly coloured toys!! Penelope has always loved the bath, so being on holiday with lots of water to play in was always a winner. Oh she’s also obsessed with screens, and I mean OBSESSED!! The tv, my phone, the monitor and even when we are out, it’s like she’s just drawn to screens!!

There is only a few things Penelope dislikes, they are very loud noises that scare her, which is totally understandable. She also gets confused if you have glasses or sunglasses on. She hates having her face wiped, but refuses to eat tidily. Penny also can’t stand bottles, she will drink them, but it’s always a struggle, we think it’s because she can’t see around them when she’s being fed!!

These last 6 months have been a total rollercoaster but I wouldn’t change them for the world!!

A few things that I would definitely recommend buying for the first 6 months are:

Angel care bath support, she’s been a god send, so soft for penny to lie in, we used these from day one of bath time and she loves it, we will be upgrading to the sitting support when we get home from holiday!

Tommee tippee perfect prep machine, I was so sceptical of buying this, but I don’t know how we would cope without it, being on holiday and not having it with us as been horrible. The milk is prepared ready to drink, so for a hungry newborn is was amazing.

A bouncer chair, I have stopped using this now, however when penny was little she spent a lot of time just chilling in there with some toys. I also used to carry it into the bathroom so I could shower and know that she was happy watching me. We had a mamas and papas one.

Video monitor, I love having this. Ours is a Motorola one. It allowed us to put penny into her own room very early one and know that she was safe and happy. Also now we can see if that bloody dummy falls out!!

Sleepyhead Deluxe, Penelope loved this, it was so nice to have in the sofa when she was really little, she slept for ours in this. We recently bought the Grande too, but found this was just a little too bulky. But for a new born the deluxe is perfect, it allows them to feed safe and secure, almost like they are being held.

That’s just a little update on Penelope at 6 months!

LWP – LifewithPenelope

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