I don’t think I really need to introduce this blog, the word ‘husbands’ is enough!

I love mine to bits, but there are just some things that really piss me off about him, and he knows what things I mean, because I swear he does these things just to see if I react. Okay not all of the time, but most!

The bathroom door, we only have one bathroom and it is downstairs next to our kitchen. Now I don’t know if other ‘husbands’ or partners do this, but Chris will come home and have his ‘home time poo’ (gross I know)… I don’t know how many times I have asked him “shut the bathroom door please”. Who wants to be walking into their kitchen or have visitors come through the front door and smell shit, not just normal shit, MAN SHIT! There’s definitely a difference. Sometimes he will even forget that he needs a poo and forget to close the door and then it’s too late.

Annoyance number 2. Post! Bloody post, why open your post and leave it on the side. Sometimes he just looks at the envelope and leaves it there. Assuming he knows what’s inside it!! Last night he opened his post whilst having his home time poo (he shut the door this time) then he just left all of the post and ripped envelopes by the sink!! Having his own business he accumulates a lot of post!!

Number 3. Pants! We have a designated wash basket in our bedroom, for you know DIRTY CLOTHES!! But Mr Stokes thinks that his wash basket is on the floor next to the bed! It’s obviously not! So then muggins here goes along in the morning and picks it all up! As if I don’t have enough things to pick up!! He also takes all of the show cushions off of the bed (there’s a lot) and just chucks them on top of a pile of clothes that has been washed and ironed and was on the bed for him to put away (he chose not to). So then in the morning he has no idea that they are under there and I end up putting them away too!!!

Numero 4. The office. We recently converted our loft into an office space, as I’m not returning back to work and will be working for Chris doing his admin. I bought a desk, filing cabinet and all new stationary for this office, it was all set up nicely and BAMM! Chris comes in like the wrecking ball. Shit all over the place, not real shit, but paper work shit. Probably the post that he hasn’t opened yet!!

Is there anything more annoying than the washing up being left until the morning, oh and he leaves for work early so then I’m left with it, it drives me insane, just do it straight away. It takes longer if you leave it all to just sit there. And if he does do it on an evening, he leaves it until he’s ready to go to bed and then gets annoyed that he’s left to do the washing up. Excuse me but I’ve cleaned the house, picked your pants off the floor, cared for our baby and cooked you dinner, the least you could do it wash up the damn plates.

I know it seems like I really don’t like my husband, but I do. There’s just a few things that infuriate me about him, and I’m sure my constant moaning and nagging annoys him too. But he also admits he wouldn’t want to live in a dirty and messy home.

Overall though he is pretty good, just those few things!!

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