Leap 5 from HELL!!

The dreaded day arrives, when you get that little notification reminding you that your baby is entering another leap.

So far Penelope has coped pretty well with the leaps, her sleeping has been normal, her mood has been relatively happy and I can go about my usual routine without any issues. However leap number 5 I think is slowly killing me.

It started off okay, a few more mood swings than usual, but fine! Now it literally feels like somebody has taken my baby and swapped her with a devil. Sounds harsh I know, but you don’t have to live with her.

Where do I start!? So it has effected her sleeping, not so much at night time, because she’s only ever slept through for 1 week and then decided she’d rather have a little snack during the night. But the day time is becoming a real issue, before this leap she would happily be put down to fall asleep with no problem. Now however she spends at least 45 minutes crying, whinging or just rolling over and getting stuck. She also used to have two big sleeps, morning and afternoon, now she likes to just cat nap for maybe 45 minutes at a time. Whilst she’s asleep I usually run around like a mad woman cleaning, tidying or eating!!

Another thing that has changed is her eating, she’s never been a big milk drinker, but now she seems to be put off it even more. She just snacks in the day in between her solid meals. She will have a bigger bottle and night time, but then still wake up starving hungry in the night because she hasn’t had enough in the day. Driving me bonkers is an understatement!!

I also now can’t leave the room without her noticing, it’s like she has eyes all over her body and can see me even when I hide behind furniture to escape the room. Even eating my breakfast or lunch is an issue now, I have little eyes watching me!!

I don’t know whether it is just Penelope who is like this, is it even the leap that’s causing it? Or is she just trying to challenge my stress levels!?

How have you coped with leap 5? Is it the worst one?

LWP – LifewithPenelope

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