The Proposal!

Well, I would love to say that it was the most romantic moment of our lives to date… However that’s not exactly true!

So it was Christmas Morning 2014, all was quiet and all was still… I was fast asleep (as it was only 5.30am) then BAM! The big light gets turned on! In my head I was thinking “What the bloody hell is going on?!”

And then there in front of me was Chris, down on one knee, leaning on the bed and he said the words “Will you marry me” holding out this beautiful ring, exactly what I had imagined! Obviously I said yes straight away, the only unfortunate thing was that when I’m asleep, my hands swell just slightly, so putting the ring on was harder than Chris had planned. Yes yes, it all sounds lovely doesn’t it? But then Chris stood up, that was when I realised he was completely starkers!!! He hadn’t even gone to the effort to put pants on!!

It was later discussed that he had been trying to get himself all prepared (he had already been up half the night) and usually when he turns the light on for work I just make a grumbling noise, apparently! So he didn’t really expect me to fling my head around as quickly as I did!

I suppose that is a pretty unique story to tell our grandchildren!

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