Early Weaning – Right or Wrong?

So, little Penelope was a bit of a pickle, well actually sometimes she was a little shit when it came to drinking her bottles, one minute she would polish 5oz, the next she would refuse it totally or just drink a mere 2oz!! So when she reached 4 months I took it upon myself to start weaning her!
But shock horror!!!… I was put down by an NCT Baby Massage instructor, who said “Oh maybe you should just keep trying with the milk, she is very young” then when Penelope was being weighed by the HV, I then had another lecture from her saying “We don’t advise you start weaning until they are 6 months, because of their digestive system BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!” Bare in mind that Penny hadn’t gained much weight at this point, maybe because she wasn’t bloody drinking her milk!?
Oh we have had it all. And Lo and behold, Penelope has absolutely LOVED eating food and has become a right little porker!!
Penelope is now having breakfast which is usually porridge, we tried Weetabix but that was undeniably refused, with her making noises as if she was a cat with a fur ball! She then almost immediately has a 5oz bottle! For lunch she was having just plain vegetables, then I was mixing them (oh so exciting) but recently I’ve started giving her some of the Cow & Gate jars, and she demolishes a Spag Bol!! I try and make sure she has fresh food that I have made myself, but who would refuse an easier option!? She will then have a bit of puree fruit, and suck on a kiddylicious wafer! (there is two in a pack so instead of saving one for the next day, I eat it) Penelope still has a morning bottle, mid morning, lunch time, mid afternoon and bed time! We have started giving Penny 6oz at bed time, and when she wakes in the night (because we still haven’t cracked that) she will have 6oz then too!
I do understand why the professionals say that they don’t advise it, but I mean not every bloody child is going to be going by the book! Years and years ago my mum was giving me a blended roast dinner at 3 months!… And I am TOTALLY fine!
The normal questions have been thrown at me “Is she pooing?” “Is she having lots of wet nappies?” and “Is she sleeping well?”. My answers, Definitely, yes and well, could be sleeping more!!

All I know is that us as mums know our babies better than anybody, and if a professional decides to give you their opinion, then you are more than entitled to take that opinion and shove it up their arse! Do what you think is best!!

LWP – LifewithPenelope

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