What I planned for Labour vs What actually happened!

So, I had originally planned for a nice calm water birth with just gas and air to get me through! Well, I had those within my labour, but that’s not how Penelope arrived into the world! Here’s what really happened;

My due date was Saturday 16th September 2017, Penny was very organised and started her way into the world on Sunday 17th, after having walked the dogs, and practised my skills at chopping wood at my husbands yard (we had planned for a cosy night in front of the fire)… we arrived home with our wood, I had a shower and *trickle trickle*… was I having a wee without knowing!? Nope, my waters broke, at around 4.30pm, so I did the whole, lying down for half an hour then standing up, it was obvious, my waters had definitely broke! So we went to Stroud maternity to get it confirmed! Then had a cheeky maccy D’s on the way home! At 8pm exactly my contractions started, we stayed at home until about 1am! After making our way to the hospital (mainly with my eyes closed and Chris avoiding pot holes) we arrived and settled into our lovely birthing room, comfy bed, nice lights, very calming! Then my mum arrived looking very refreshed at 3am!! Things were going slowly, so they tried to speed things up and help with the pain in my back! We eventually got into the room with a working pool, and a lovely midwife told me I could start pushing!! YES, I’m going to have a baby today!! Nope!

That didn’t work, so the pool was scratched! At this point I had started on gas and air, the contractions continued through the whole of Monday 18th September! We then were moved down to the delivery suite (not on my plan)… Penny still wasn’t showing any signs of arriving, so against everything I had said previously, I was told to have an epidural!! Chris told me to just take it! So at 3pm on Monday I went to a very peaceful place of no pain!!

After 3 hours, Penny started to make her arrival into the world! And then there she was, all 8lbs 11oz of her, with lots of dark hair!! So lucky me, I spent the whole of MY birthday in hospital (19th September) the following day! Although eating all of my hospital snacks and drinking Costa coffee was pretty good!! When we finally arrived home, we ordered a pizza takeaway and I had my Gin & Tonic! Finally!!

Even though it wasn’t what I had planned, there is nothing I wouldn’t do again, if it meant I’d get a little bundle of yummyness!!

LWP – LifewithPenelope

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