Life before ‘Mum’

What was life like before I became a Mum?.. Well I definitely didn’t value how much ‘free’ time I had, I didn’t appreciate how easy it was to leave the house with just a hand bag and I definitely didn’t realise how little washing I had!!

Before I became a mum, I was a deputy manager at a children’s nursery. I have been working with children since I was 17, after having dropped my art course at college (realising you either need to be shit hot at art, or just shit to get anywhere in life with it). I absolutely loved my job, I mean you have to love working with children, because its definitely not a job to do if you want lots of money!! I worked my way up from unqualified to a level 5. So when I fell pregnant everyone just assumed I would cope really well with being a mum, which wasn’t exactly how I felt… I was able to give those children back at 6 o’clock, I’m stuck with mine for forever! A little different don’t you think?

I was never really a bit ‘party goer’ although I did have a crazy couple of years starting from 19 where my best friend and I used to dress up in ridiculous outfits (some were not fancy dress) and go out into the lovely Bristol and dance the night away! We used to drink Jager bombs out of mugs and apple sours from the bottle! Now I struggle finishing a G&T on a Friday night in my Pjs!!

I used to have super blonde, long hair extensions nice nails, a tan (fake) and I was able to have a shower without a little person watching me!

Even though I loved my job, I was pretty happy with life and I was getting more sleep, I was incredibly excited to become a mum! And now that Penelope is here, I couldn’t imagine life without her! what I can imagine it slightly more sleep!

What was your life like before ‘mum’?

LWP – LifewithPenelope

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